1948 Bentley MK VI with custom body



Original wheel (with choke, throttle, and suspension controls), original wooden dash and instruments. You can just see the shifter by the driver's seat. Outside handle is the hand brake.

Upholstery is leather, carpets wool. Paint original, but what a horrible colour for a car like this... will be redone before the car hits the street.

Car retains the original rear power assist (clutch assembly off the tailshaft at the gearbox)  mechanically-actuated rear brakes and hydraulically actuated front brakes. Also retains the central geasing system which applies grease to suspension points automatically with a push of a single lever under the dash.

Top and traditional windscreen were included, but have never been mounted.

European market MK VI's got dual SU carbs instead of the single Stromberg that US spec Bentleys received.