Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!


This trip would not have been as much fun, or even possible, without the support, friendship, and hospitality of family and friends.  We cannot thank them enough.


To the Vair and VW list:  For all the humorous, sometimes helpful, emails and for standing by, just in case.

To our family: Vinny, Joanne, Jennifer, and John for taking time, on short notice, to be with us.  Special thanks to my brother Vinny for the mechanical expertise!

To my friends:  David and Darlene; the Zich family; Althea and Clark; David and Julia; Keith; Lynn and Fran; and Frankie for their hospitality and being such good folks.

To my “bosses”:  Tim, Eileen, and Lee who allowed me the time off and saved all my work for when I get back!  ;-)

To the best ‘vair guy around:  Larry Claypool for fixing our problems to keep us “motoring.”

To the creator of the “Whale,” John Moody: For all the insight, humor, and amusing perspectives on the Whale and, more importantly, on life.  John, you were with us every day and every mile.  We hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did.

To my Dad:  James – aka Buzz – for keeping things going at home – dog sitting, doing the dishes, and keeping an eye out for Bill.

To my daughter Katherine: for taking this most memorable journey with me and missing a lot of summer time with her friends. 

To my better half:  Bill – the other ‘vair guy - who really made this “crazy” idea a reality.  He got us going, kept us going, and reported it as we were going!