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Welcome to the personal web page of the Maryland and Delaware Commissioner (and nationally the 1st Vice President) of the Clan Elliot Society USA!

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Here you will find information and links on the Elliot Clan Society, Elliot/Elliott Genealogy, Activities and Events of interest in Maryland and the region, DNA projects, and information about the Elliot/ Elliott families and Border Reivers in general.

In the interest of not replicating great information already on the web, the plan is to provide links to that data rather than repeating it here. So please report any dead links (and feel free to suggest additional links that might be of interest!) corvair at fnader dot com or 301-874-8631

Bill Elliott Maryland Commissioner and National Secretary, Elliot Clan Society USA and member, St Andrews Society of Mid-Maryland

Links of Interest

My North Carolina Elliott Lineage:

William Elliott 196x-

Carroll Elliott 194x-

Rufus Spencer Elliott 1920-2000

Joseph Edward Elliott 1893-1986

Rufus Asbury Elliott 1859-1917

Wilborn O Elliott 1829-1898

Reubin/Ruben Elliott a1805-1874

Likely (based on census data and DNA)

Lemuel Elliott a1765-1844

John Elliott, Sr. a1735-1839

According to family oral history, either John Sr. was born on the Ulster Plantation in Ireland (where Elliots were generally sent following the clearing of the Borders by James I in 1605) and one of three brothers who immigrated to Virginia (and then to NC) or was the US born son of one of these three brothers.

There's also a theory that Ulster is where the second "t" in "Elliott" originated...

Upcoming MD Events!

Every Monday Night 7:30pm:Scottish Country Dancing Class at the Walkersville, MD Town Hall

April 26, 2014 - CSSM Celtic Festival at the Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum  10am-6pm We are hosting the Elliott Clan Society USA AGM!!! Check back here for updates!!

May 10, 2014- Frederick Celtic Festival
at the Mt Airy, MD Fire Department Fairgrounds 9am-6pm Look for the Elliot Clan Tent!

Joseph Edward Elliott and cousin Will Elliott c1920


Edinburgh Gathering 2009:
Chief Margaret Eliott and Clan Parade

Redheugh and Border Reiver at 2009 Gathering

Hermitage Castle

Alternative Spellings?

The double L and single T
Descent from Minto and Wolflee,
The double T and single L
Mark the old race in Stobs that dwell.
The single L and single T
The Eliots of St Germains be,
But double T and double L,
Who they are nobody can tell.

Aelwold Allat Dalliot Eleot Elewald Eliot Eliott Ellat Elleot Ellet Ellett Ellette Elliot Elliott Elliotti Ellot Ellote Ellott Elluat Ellwald Ellwod Ellwodd Ellwold Ellwood Eluat Elwald Elwalde Elwand Elwat Elwet Elwett Elwod Elwold Elwood Elwoode Elwoold Elyot Elyoth Helewald Hellwood Illot

Armstrong Monuments and Gilnockie Tower

"Southern Reporter" article about the organized hike to Ruber's Law during the 2009 Elliot Gathering

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